This is my cousin Emma. She was diagnosed with a PNET brain tumor in June 2012 at age three. Emma became a sensation in our area with 18k fans from all over the globe on her Facebook page. Through two years of chemo, radiation, brain surgeries, and awful stem cell transplants, Emma never stopped smiling. She loved more abundantly than anyone I’ve ever known and wanted nothing more than to help other sick kids. She was a friend to everyone she met, and she met thousands on her cancer journey. Countless people have claimed Emma changed their lives. She loved cheerleading, ballet dance, animals, and princesses.

Emma passed away on September 15, 2014, just weeks after turning six. Even in her final days, she managed to speak up and make us smile.

I do not want Emma to be forgotten. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In the past two years, I’ve learned what a monster cancer is. No one should have to go through the pain of losing a child. Emma was the brightest soul I’ve ever known and I truly believe she was an angel. It was not fair for this horrible disease to take her from us.

That is a link to Emma’s Facebook page. My mom is still posting and we are fighting like hell to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Please give the page a look. Read some stories, get the facts, find out how you can help.

And, most of all, spread the word. Don’t let Emma die in vain. Please don’t let her be forgotten.

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bon iver | holocene

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Perth by Bon Iver

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hey where my baes at


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Young fan w/Landeskog.

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in their last moments, people show you who they really are.

#can I just cry #because they do okay #But Combeferre! #Killian didn’t get a whole lot of screen time but what there was was just painfully on point #and it was so heartbreaking here #he tries to barricade the door #he’s one of the last up the stairs #and then he holds on to Joly at the end like he can still protect him a little bit #and it’s so freaking upsetting #HE TAKES CARE OF THEM #HE’S THE GUIDE #(and Joly doesn’t even have a gun and he looks so tired and THE HAND ON THE SHOULDER)

fuck everything


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It’s night time somewhere

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Taking Back Sunday // The Ballad of Sal Villanueva

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The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

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