athelstans replied to your post: the titanic looked like so much fun I probably…

until it starts sinking and its like well i immediately regret this decision

lbr I probably would’ve been in steerage anyway and my few worldly possessions would be floating around me and I’d be like “well goddamn it” but then I would’ve frozen to death within the hour so w/e

if I was wealthy I’d be like “GODS OF ALL RELIGIONS PLEASE SAVE ME” and trying to snag floating goodies out of the freezing water :—-)

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  1. carwoods said: i think i’d be that dude that slid down the deck from the back of the ship into the freezing water and just have a blast on the way down. i mean if i’m gonna die, i might as well have fun in my last few moments.
  2. formerly-serbranflakes said: there should be a video game where you get to test different strategies of surviving the titanic
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